Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

So it's 1:48AM and I am just too excited to I decided to update my blog. Yay! So here is what I am so thankful for and why I can't sleep:
1. It's Christmas morning and it's so stinkin' fun when you have your own kids who are going to be so surprised that Santa came and especially because they are still young enough that they will LOVE all the Dollar Store presents they'll be getting.
2. I got to see my wonderful family I nanny for (and give them my lame presents) but my kids got the most fun ones, as usual, and I received the most generous one! They are just such a blessing to my family and we are so grateful for all they do for us, for almost 6 years!
3. I love that I have a present for everyone (I'm pretty sure...) in all my family and ALL my in-laws : ) and it's all decent stuff that I got for FREE or nearly free from my obsessive crazy couponing. I have more gifts than ever for people and I've spent WAY less than ever. They are items that are quite similar to what I donated to my ward's humanitarian aid service project (hygiene kits) they're not too exciting, but people like to get stuff they need and don't want to buy, right? If not, too bad : )
4. I get to talk to my little brother, Nick, today! He's serving in the Leon, Mexico mission and has been gone for 8 months already! I'm very much looking forward to hearing his "accent" he says he has. He also says to not make fun of it...we'll see : )
5. I got to spend Christmas Eve with lots of family and I get to spend Christmas day with TONS more! I am sad though that I don't get to see some of my favorite families : ( Merry Christmas to: Tony, Jill, Anthony, Audrey, Debra, Amy, Matt, Jarom, Bella, Orion, Glory, Paul, Grant, Eliza, Zachary, Ruby, Rustin, Suzi, Maya, Skye, Winter, Brian, Jimmy, Mark, Marcy, Ty, Porter, Laurissa, Jarom, Brianna, Tory, Grandpa, and Nick...and whoever else I missed.
6. Lastly, at the moment, my wonderful brother-in-law, Carl, who everyone knows is by FAR the most wonderful uncle and artist (and much more) just received his mission call to serve in the New York, New York - Spanish speaking mission!! I just can't get over it! He totally scored. There'll be so many people to teach and preach the gospel to, he gets to learn a language (one that will come in handy), he won't be too far away, he'll actually get his mail (unlike Nick...), and he'll be somewhere so interesting and amazing and exciting! I am so proud of him, but we will miss him tons.
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Confessions of a coupon crazy lady...

6 boxes of cereal
1 Tide detergent
1 Tide stain release
6 boxes fruit snacks
3 boxes fiber one bars
3 boxes granola bars
2 dozen eggs
1 Pillsbury dessert
2 bags nut clusters
Safeway Grand Total: $.15
yes, 15 cents!!!!!

Nick's Fiesta

Ivy loved the hot salsa, she wouldn't stop eating it even though tears were streaming down her cheeks

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